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  • It is very durable and reliable and will easily last for years and decades
  • A walking foot is very versatile and can sew many different kinds of fabrics
  • It is made entirely of solid metal parts
  • Compared to a regular domestic sewing machine, it is much more powerful and able to sew much thicker materials
  • The walking foot allow for a more consistent and precise stitch
  • A walking foot is much less expensive compared to an industrial sewing machine
  • It also does not require as much as space as an industrial one, no need of a big sewing table with huge motor
  • It can be transported very easily
  • Having a walking foot sewing machine can make you save a lot of money, no need to pay anyone to do your required reparations(boat and car cover, sail repairs, clothing. coats and jackets, upholstery, etc…)
  • It is an investment that can last a lifetime!

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A walking foot sewing machine is a very good investment, because of durability and are reliable and will easily last for years and decade!

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